Obtain your HACCP training and certification
We have helped thousands of companies and their employees over the years achieve HACCP certification and remain compliant.
Our HACCP Certification is widely recognized and accepted by government regulatory agencies as well as the food industry and their associated companies.

Our certification will help move you to the head of the line to land a job as a HACCP practitioner — in any food industry-related company and in any state. Furthermore, the quality of our training will help make you a HACCP expert in any segment of the food industry where you choose to work.
Our HACCP Certification course has become the gold standard for HACCP practitioners.
We make custom HACCP training
We already made more than 60 custom-based food safety training for our clients. Other companies may sell you just FDA-approved education materials but we really care about our clients - we create custom materials for our clients on top of FDA-approved materials explaining more and in deep.
HACCP training for those who want to elevate their career
We are not just a company selling training courses. We will continue to support you in your career by giving you access to our software packages and consulting services. With our help, you will be able to achieve more and get results faster. We will help you learn to write a new HACCP plan in less than an hour, as just one example.
Some of our clients:
Step to GFSI / SQF certification.
Real problem solving — Practical and Expert Insight.
Our certification is the most recognizable by U.S. companies.
We have an extensive history of helping a wide range of food industry clients to establish their HACCP programs and mitigate their challenges to maintain their certifications. We bring that experience to this certification course where you will learn to navigate potential problems you will face while establishing HACCP at any company.
Any company that wants to grow outside of its local market will eventually require SQF\GFSI certification. We will give you valuable insights on obtaining this certification and will be here to work with you to assist your future client/employer together in obtaining the certification — another example of how we will continue to support you after course completion.
We cover a broad range of subjects, including detailed information on HACCP topics related to meat production or bottler's practices that are normally not covered by other programs, just to name a few.
A better certification course means you can deliver better results.
Hundreds of HACCP professionals have
already taken our course.
Here are some of their post-course comments:
  • Lilian Gish, Los Angeles, California
    I found a job one month after finishing the course. HACCP training was a big step in my career!
  • Daniel Wasso, Las Vegas, Nevada
    My company decided that I need to get this course and I found it very effective and helpful.
  • Sergeo Gluhov, Maimi, Florida
    I started to work at a big factory so I needed this course to understand our HACCP plan and fill out all the needed forms. It was fast — I was able to complete the course and get my certificate in two days.
Our Guarantee
Money Back
If you are not happy with our course, you will receive a full refund.
Better jobs
Our course certification will boost your employment opportunities.
Lifetime advantage
HACCP certification will help you throughout your professional life in the food industry.
Our software is constantly being updated and expanded to provide you with the latest in cutting-edge tools, now and into the future.
GoHACCP Group Course*

The course curriculum consists of 16 modules covering topics on meeting government, industry, and auditor requirements for the development of a working HACCP plan, including Good Manufacturing Practices as well as the Food Safety Modernization Act.

*Group Course
(5 or more people enrolled at the same time).
About our course
GoHACCP is one of the leading companies globally in HACCP, SQF, and other certifications. Today, we have over 1000 clients around the globe who are using our services and/or software. Chat with a member of our sales team if you would like to learn more and how we can help you.
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