Never assume the employee servicing your fire extinguishing system is performing the required trip tests
Don't risk your million-dollar restaurant operation and income in the hands of an employee of a fire protection company.
Schedule a free demo now and learn how this inexpensive software system will mitigate a potential $6 Million Dollar Loss!
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Allow this technology to do the work for you.

Easily access all your reporting forms to lower your insurance premiums.

Lower your labor costs by eliminating manual data logging and manual uploading of reports.

Easily access and provide any government reporting agency their required reports.

The Pre-Construction form allows the system to digitally verify code compliance with the construction of new locations.
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Allow this inexpensive system to become a major facility management tool.
Digitally monitor and verify all fire protection services.
Upload your organizations SOP checklists.
Digitally track, monitor, record, & report all your food safety and temperature logging requirements.
Protect your income and cashflow.
Prevent a total shutdown of your cooking operations.
GoHACCP Compliance Software
is a Smart Solution designed for the food industry.
Bullet proof approval path for all records

Helps you to organize all of your operations to comply with your HACCP plan

Makes your company ready for an audit at any time
The system pays for itself

Tailored to fit any members of the food supply chain

Ensure food safety and fire protection consistency

It keeps all your records in a single place

Proper oversight
Instant access to documents during audits & inspections

Easily locate any records searching by record type, status or creation date, or by type during inspections or audits.
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