Automate Your Food Safety Operations
Ensure compliance with food safety regulations through real-time organizational oversight and paperless processes.
One application from your phone, tablet or workstations. Integration and comprehensive intra- organizational/operational oversight at your fingertips, from anywhere in the world where there is internet access.
Access wherever you are
Instant access to documents during audits

Easily locate any records searching by record type, status or creation date, or by lot code during recalls or audits on our report builder.
Easy acces to documents, accessible 24/7 with one-click reports and automatic notifications to not forget any tasks. Reduce your overhead by saving you time and money, allowing you to focus on profitability, growth and long-term goals.
Increase efficiency
Why Choose GoHACCP
as your paperless solution?
Improve Your Audit Score
Free Access To Experts
Eliminate Human Error
Supports SQF Edition 9
Simplify Oversight
Daily tasks organized.
All HACCP plan forms are accessible through the app.
Task scheduler to ensure time sensitive tasks are completed on time.
App Wizards with images, notes and self-help videos.
Activity oversight in real time allowing for quick corrective actions.
Production Manager
Approve records.
All records and documentation accessible for audit 24/7.
Create customizable video and image instructions, providing support to your team even when you're not available.
Compliance dashboard to visualize the status of the HACCP plan and apply corrective actions when necessary, ensuring your operation is always audit-ready!
SQF Practitioner
QA Manager
Organize your entire operations to meet the standards and protocols of your HACCP plan and the SQF Code.
Simplify your record keeping and store them all in one place, accessible 24/7.
Perform recalls with lot codes functionality.
Export all log entries to a spreadsheet for easy data management.
Improve your audit score.
Enhanced Food Safety Management
Lower labor cost.
Boost Productivity.
"Testimonials around the world"
  • Eric W.
    "I really like how customizable the software is."
  • Katie Schulz
    "The System was immediately loved by our team. It's super intuitive and simple to learn. Thank you GoHACCP for the amazing service and support!"
  • Khadijah M.
    "Great Compliance Program" This program helped us get our SQF certification. I Likethat all records are now stored in an organized and easy way to find when you need it later. There is nothing I can think of that I don't like. I ended up going with go haccp because thay said that they guarantee we would get our SQF certification."
  • Shelley S.
    "Keeps track of our forms you know what needs to be done daily. Support team is very helpful."
  • Sunny Castillo
    "We really love this system. It's so convemient and easy to use. Even our inspectors are impressed."
  • Logan Derksen
    "We just finished our audit with a score of 99.3! This system made the process relatively easy compared to how we used to work. Thank you and the GoHACCP Team!" 
  • Alan C.
    "Easy to use. I'm an user of the app... and all the forms created on the platform are easy to use and understand... There are no cons! the training for the app was easy to understand and the customer service people were always available for troubles and questions."
GoHACCP Compliance Software
is a Smart Solution designed for the food industry.
Bullet proof approval path for all records

Helps you to organize all of your operations to comply with your HACCP plan

Makes your company ready for an audit at any time
Cost effective tool

Tailored to fit any members of the food supply chain

Ensure food safety and consistency in all activities

It keeps all food safety records in one place

Proper oversight
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