GoHACCP Training Software
Online Food Safety Training
Available 24/7, ON DEMAND for your staff with GoHACCP Training Software
Save Time
GoHACCP Training Software is available online, connecting to all of your staff and providing employees with the flexibility to take training individually, at any time and through any device.
GoHACCP provides management with tools to verify completed training per role while creating training records that can be provided to corporate-level management as well as food safety authorities.
Easy to Monitor
Proper training of your employees requires only a few hours of their time but will help guarantee your FSMS is followed as well as easy to monitor and record the training activities of your employees.
Designed for all food processing-related roles that includes a series of courses with:
A Software Platform
With Interactive Training
  • My Profile
Easily access your basic information and choose your role(s).

  • All Courses
View all available courses. These are normally made up of 2-3 min videos, short PDFs and multiple-choice quizzes. Sign them to obtain your score for a valid HACCP record.

  • My Courses
This section displays the courses available per the role(s) you chose. These must be successfully completed by signing off on the final score before employees may advance to new course materials.

  • Stats
Easily visualize in graphs the status of the training progress and the overall score of the entire company. The score is broken down by employee, location and company, allowing the management of multiple locations in one single screen.
Software Features
Food Safety Training is Crucial
All members of your staff are required to maintain valid, up-to-date training to comply with HACCP and regulatory requirements.

It is crucial that each food processing-related role understands the importance of HACCP and how to properly conduct their process related activities to ensure food safety at your facility and comply with the applicable regulations, including HACCP.

  • Food safety training protects your customers from health risks

  • Food safety training shows your employees how to properly conduct their activities while improving efficiency and confidence in your brand
  • Food safety training improves quality control

  • Food safety training is mandated by legislation

  • Food safety training protects the facility's reputation
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