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We have helped 3,700+ businesses over the years with HACCP plan writing, training and audits with a 100% success rate. We can help.
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We have more than 15+ years delivering tailored food safety solutions that match the customer needs — whether working on a basic HACCP plan or a complex food safety system. We deal with all aspects of food safety. We're here to help!

Our team of experts will help comply with the FDA, USDA, Department of Health, local or international authorities by developing all aspects of your program, including: Product/Process Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points, Pre-requisite Programs and Preventive Control Programs.
We have experts in every area of Food Safety
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For over 15+ years, our Food Safety Experts have assisted 3,700+ clients throughout the food supply chain and we've seen it all.
SafeCheck gives individuals immediate access to an exclusive network of industry experts. Available to connect with you or anyone on your team within 15 seconds.

They can help you with step by step guidance and answering any questions regarding timelines, requirements and costs — Basically anything you might need to meet and exceed your business goals.
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1. Tell us what you need help with
We have a pool experts in each State, who understand local to international requirements. Most have worked with well known companies near you. We are standing by and ready to help!
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In just three minutes, one of our live experts will gather all the information we need to provide the best course of action for you or your business, matching you with the right expert to help you.
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Almost instantly we will get in touch with you solve your problem or to answer every question you may have about your HACCP Plan or any Food Safety Compliance request.
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free consultation.

Which certification or services are right for your business.
What the requirements are for getting certified or achieving your goals.
How much it costs.
How long it takes and;
How our process works to assure you pass your certification audit on your first attempt.
We offer free consultations to businesses throughout the food supply chain that are looking for the most reliable way to becoming food safety certified.

By the end of the free consultation you will know:
We will answer all your questions honestly and openness, proposing a solution regardless of weather you choose us as your food safety partner.
Why work with us?
Guaranteed Success
Don't put your business or career at risk. We have a 100% Success rate because we stay with you until you pass your audit, meet any food safety requirements or get the certification your facility needs.

Our company has proven to save time and money because we created the most affordable approach for food safety compliance. We focus on delivering hassle-free compliance for the certification of our clients, with guaranteed results. We can deliver HACCP Plans faster than our competitors, saving money without compromising quality.

Get 1:1 Live help instantly
Literally we have experts standing by and to help you solve any food safety related problem or guidance you may need. The assessments and consultations are free, all you need is to start the conversation. We have experts near you for everything you may need assistance.

Over 3,700+ clients trust and recommend our work
  • Sarah Lewin, Los Angeles, California
    We have developed a great partnership with SafeCheck. They provided instant help from their pool of experts. Their lean approach to food safety is unique. We started working right away!
  • James Soloff, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Since we had our first conversation, I knew it was the right decision to work with them. It was surprisingly easy the way they helped us write our HACCP Plan for our food manufacturing facility.
  • Rick Simmons, Maimi, Florida
    I have to say they have transformed the way we deal with food safety. Now we can focus on growing our business. They support you through the entire process until you are fully compliant.
Get free consultation from our experts
Immediately get access to our exclusive group of industry experts in less than 15 seconds.
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  • Benjamin Côte
    Food Safety Consultant
    More than 20 years of experience working with Food Safety with an extensive knowledge of 3rd party audits, HACCP, GMP, FDA, USDA.
  • Sofia M. Wikander
    HACCP Expert
    Over 11 years of experience as QA Manager through multiple companies, helping them achieve SQF program compliance.
  • Ronald Wigington
    HACCP Expert
    Experience with leading and managing QA teams with an oversight in operations at +22 facilities simultaneously for over 12 years.
  • Jennifer Medina
    GFSI Consultant
    Experience with Food Safety Program implementation since 2003, focused on SQF, BRCGS, FSSC 22000, Global G.A.P., Primus GFS and other GFSI Schemes
  • Jerry F. Aldeoca
    Internal Audit Expert
    3 years of experience helping restaurants and small food manufacturers with HACCP compliance and food safety execution.
  • Mariza Lee
    Food Safety Specialist
    7 years of experience helping importers and exporters of human and animal food throughout North America, HARPC, PCP, HACCP, FSVP, FDA and USDA.
We have a dedicated team of experts for every industry
We help all food service establishments and manufacturers grow their business — Access new markets. We hold your hand along the way to ensure your success, always.
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