We help Canada food processors and restaurants in food safety compliance fast,
and at the best price.
We guarantee our work and track record, everything is leading to remote services (time and cost efficient), why pay more for less? Access +20 scientists at the same time; multiple sets of eyes, minds, working with you.

Our approach to compliance is unique. We cover everything from developing your food safety plan to interacting with authorities.

Our experts will help you develop a personalized Food Safety Plan, that includes: Product/Process Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points, Pre-requisite Programs, and Preventive Control Programs.

We can help any restaurant or manufacturer with PCP, CFIA, GFSI, SQF, FSSC22000.
From small restaurants to large food processors, we can help.
We are a proudly Canadian Company
Get your quote within 24 hours and get started right away.
Built for speed, our company has proven to save time and money. We focus on delivering hassle-free compliance for the certification of our clients in Canada, with guaranteed results. We can deliver HACCP Plans faster than our competitors, saving money without compromising quality.
We help all food service
establishments and manufacturers
Industries we can certify.
We help all food service establishments and manufacturers with audit compliance - from small scale boutique producers without a working ERP, to large scale multinational companies.
White-glove service with instant local support at the best price
Why work with us?
Food safety compliance is typically very expensive to achieve in-house. Working with us will save you much needed time and money while having access to a pool of industry experts.
Our team consists of top tier food safety experts, scientists and culinary professionals.
100% guaranteed success with your food safety compliance. If you become our client - you will get your certification.
Top companies around the world are choosing us as their food safety partners
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