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Understanding Important Changes to Import Laws
The SFC Licence has become a crucial requirement for food importers in Canada, mandating adherence to the highest food safety standards. With the CFIA's automatic verification of SFC licences starting February 12, 2024, a robust Preventive Control Plan (PCP) is now essential for compliance. Let us guide you in developing a PCP that aligns with SFC Licence requirements.

Non-compliance could mean a halt to your food import activities.
Experienced Guidance
Leverage our extensive experience in CFIA regulations to create an effective Preventive Control Plan for your SFC Licence.
We are
Our streamlined approach saves you time, helping you focus on what you do best – running your business.
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Our approach is fast and tailored to your unique business needs, focusing on streamlining your PCP development.
Expert Guidance in for SFC licence Compliance
Our Process
Initial Consultation
We begin by understanding your specific business needs.
Compliance Assessment
Evaluating your current compliance status and identifying requirements for your PCP.
PCP Development
Assisting in the development of a robust Preventive Control Plan tailored for your SFC Licence application.
Ongoing Support
Offering continuous support to ensure your PCP remains compliant with CFIA regulations
What Our Clients Say
  • Taylor Bennett
    “GoHACCP’s expertise in developing our PCP was invaluable for our SFC Licence application. Their knowledge and responsiveness made the process manageable.”
  • James Kabush
    “The personalized PCP they developed for us was a game-changer in ensuring our SFC Licence compliance.”
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