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We help you get certified, and guarantee results. Built for speed, we have proven to save time and money. We focus on delivering hassle-free compliance solutions.

We can deliver HACCP Plans faster than our competitors, saving you money without compromising on quality.
We deliver HACCP plans
On average 5X faster
Don't waste time with cheap templates or HACCP builders
A written HACCP Plan is required to be compliant at your FDA, USDA, DOH or GFSI inspected facility or business. Knowing which one do you need depends on the type of products and distribution. Beware of templates or HACCP builders, they often lead to issues. Work with an expert and get your plan written properly the first time.

We will develop your HACCP Plan, assist with implementation, team and work with you until your plan is approved, guaranteed. Our process leverages experts and technology to deliver fast guaranteed results.

Our HACCP Consultants have helped 1000+ clients across the food supply chain for over a decade, and they’ve seen everything.
We deliver HACCP plans 5x faster with 100% success rate.
End-to-End Food

We assist food companies to comprehensively prepare for scaling-up their businesses, with our proprietary “best-in-class” food manufacturing management platform which is actually user-friendly and easy to use!

One simple software platform for managing all aspects of food production, food-safety compliance, inventory, staffing, and quality control.

Access our team of experts to prepare your business for scalability, and select the best solutions for your business.
Simplify all aspects of your production administration tasks, and streamline profitability.

Get your Food Safety Certification in days

Investing in Food Safety training is an essential legal requirement to comply with the HACCP Food Safety and Food Hygiene Legislation.

Our courses certifications will boost your employment opportunities and will help you throughout your professional life in the food industry.

Ideal for HACCP leaders and teams, operations, QA/QC personnel, culinary staff and any food safety professionals.
100% online and accredited courses with unlimited access. Available 24/7
Need an Audit or Inspection?
Just because you have never had an issue before, does not imply you are ready for an audit or inspection.

Our team will assist you at each step of the preparation process. We have a 100% success rate since we stay with you all the way until compliance and beyond.
Having a simple product or process
doesn't guarantee compliance.
Hundreds of leading companies trust us
As their Food Safety Partner
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What your compliance obligations are
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Services Pricing
HACCP and Food Safety Plans
*Ranging from $600 to $9,500 USD
Food Services HACCP Plans
Restaurants, Food trucks, Catering
Ranging from $600 to $3,000 USD

Food Manufacturers
Local in-state distribution
Ranging from $1,600 to $5,000 USD

Interstate distribution
Ranging from $2,300 to $7,000 USD

Food Manufacturers 3rd party Audits
GFSI (SQF, FSSC 22000, BRC, Primus GFS)
Ranging from $3,800 to $9,500 USD

Non GFSI (HACCP, GMP's, Organic)
Ranging from $2,500 to $7,500 USD
*Starting at $250/month
Go HACCP Compliance Software
Audit management, Inventory Management,
Manufacturing Resource Planning
Up to 30 users
$250* USD

Supplier Verification

*Ask about our starter package discount for micro producers.
*Ranging from $199 to $219 USD
Individual HACCP Certification
$219 USD

Group HACCP Course
$199* USD
(Price per person.)

*Please contact us for an exact quote, these prices are subject to change.
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Elevate your safety standards with a HACCP plan crafted by industry professionals, guaranteed within 24 hours! Connect with our experts, tailor your plan with compliance pros, and download your personalized HACCP plan for unmatched quality and peace of mind.
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We can help any restaurant or manufacturer with HACCP, GFSI(SQF, ISO 22000/28000).